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Ethereal Bokeh Reverie - Fine Art Photography

Ethereal Bokeh Reverie - Fine Art Photography

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"Ethereal Bokeh Reverie"

2023 Collection


Inês M. de Freitas's 2017 photographs create a captivating world of storytelling and abstraction. With her masterful photo editing skills and unique use of circular shapes, she seamlessly connects the everyday world with a painterly expression.

The resulting images are a mesmerizing blend of light, color, and texture. Through techniques like zoom, distortion, blur, and the enchanting Bokeh effect, each photo becomes an abstract work of art.

M. d'Freitas invites us to explore the beauty of fleeting moments and discover visual narratives in life's simplest details. 

Her lens captures moments that go beyond the ordinary and reveal their transformative power.


Macro 0.5m/1.6ft EF 28 105mm

285 gsm Fine Art matte paper



  28" x 40" (Vertical)
Width, cm 71.12
Height, cm 101.60


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